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Mnc Akü Incorporated Company carries on business within the body of Mnc Group. As a group, our business life that we started in 1988 continues growingly in every year and we aim to provide more added-value to our national economy. Our mission is to be beneficial to our society by manufacturing environment-friendly products with high added value. Our vision is to be environment-friendly by recycling products made from lead and to produce final product with high added value from recycled products.

MNC Akü Incorporated Company is involved in the collection of waste batteries and the recycling of waste batteries collected. Our company in Ankara is one of the leading companies in our country with the capacity of recycling 15.000 tons of waste batteries per year. Also, the company has the authority to collect waste batteries across the country with 5 certified vehicle fleets. Our company which is 100% domestic capital provides direct employment for 30 people. 

  • Address:ASO 2. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2011. Cadde
    No:25 Temelli Sincan / Ankara
  • Phone: +90 312 641 40 60
  • Email: info@mncaku.com.tr
Waste Battery Collection Center
  • Address:İvedik OSB Hurdacılar Sanayi Sitesi A2 Blok No:948
    İvedik Yenimahalle / Ankara
  • Phone: +90 312 396 42 32
  • Email: info@mncaku.com.tr
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